Welcome to Alma Spray Roses, home to the largest selection of spray rose varieties you’ll find anywhere.
With 69 varieties, our farm is dedicated and specialized in cultivating these extraodinary blooms, where each one is a testament to the beauty and diversity found in nature’s palette.
Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and diversity of our collection, where each spray rose tells a unique story through its colors, shapes, and soulful essence. Join us on a journey of exploration as we unveil the abundant wonders of Alma Spray Roses, your destination for the most extensive selection of spray roses available.



At Alma Spray Roses, we believe in the power of variety. Our exceptional collection features a diverse range of them, each with its unique soul that determines the most incredible attributes. Let us take you on a journey through some of our EXCLUSIVE spray roses:

Bravo – The Passionate Red: Immerse yourself in the vibrant allure of Bravo. Its red petals evoke feelings of passion and intensity, making it an ideal choice for expressing deep emotions.

Alma White – The Symbol of Purity: Experience the purity with Alma White. Its white blossoms ymbolize innocence and grace, adding a touch of elegance to any arrangement.


Alma Spray Roses is committed to continuous innovation. We are constantly selecting each spray rose variety for its distinct personality and special details. Let us introduce you a few of our innovative sprays:

Be Strong – The Garden-shaped White:
Discover the beauty of Be Strong, a white spray
rose with a unique garden shape. Its striking form adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any floral composition.

Constellation – The Pink Delight: Envelop yourself in the enchanting beauty of Constellation. Its pink petals reminiscent of a starry night sky, making it an ideal choice for creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Wedding Rosever – The Timeless Elegance: With its light pink hue and large, luxurious blooms, it adds an element of sophistication to any setting, especially weddings.

Bright Sensation – The Radiant Orange: Ignite your senses with the radiant energy of Bright Sensation. Its vibrant orange petals evoke joy and excitement, infusing any space with a burst of positive energy.

Fibonacci Gioconda – The Sunshine Yellow: Bask in the warmth of Fibonacci Gioconda. Its cheerful yellow hue and multiple buds on each stem reflect the vibrancy and joy of a sun-filled day.

Fibonacci Aureus – The Harmonious Peachy Pink: Delight in the harmonious blend of peach and pink in Fibonacci Aureus. Its garden-shaped blooms represent a perfect balance, radiating a sense of warmth and harmony.

Responsibility to People and the Environment

At Alma Spray Roses, our commitment goes beyond cultivating exquisite sprays. We strive to be a responsible farm, caring for both our people and the environment:

  1. Empowering Our Community: We believe in fostering a positive and inclusive environment where our team can thrive. By providing opportunities for growth and development, we ensure that our dedicated individuals contribute to the exceptional quality of Alma Spray Roses.
  2. Preserving Nature’s Beauty: We understand the importance of sustainable practices in protecting our environment. Through responsible farming techniques, we minimize our ecological impact and contribute to the preservation of nature’s beauty for future generations.
Alma Spray Roses invites you to explore the wonders of our extensive portfolio, educating and familiarizing yourself with the unique qualities and benefits of spray roses. Our commitment to representing each spray rose as a distinct soul ensures a captivating and emotionally resonant experience. Join us in discovering the magic and beauty of them, where every spray rose tells its own story.

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