Nature’s Delicacy – Meet our Newest Additions!

Introducing our new Spray Rose Varieties

Our farm is dedicated to the cultivation of premium spray roses. We are proud to say that we are currently market leaders in the spray rose niche. One way we differentiate from the competition is by continuously introducing new spray rose varieties to the market. This new year we are delighted to introduce four new varieties: Be True, Fibonacci Aureus, Fibonacci Gioconda, and Wedding Rosever. Each variety has its own unique characteristics and charm, adding to our farm’s already diverse selection.

Be True is a variety with delicate, soft pink and white petals that radiate an aura of honesty and authenticity. Fibonacci Gioconda was named after the famous renaissance painting and is known for its vibrant yellow and golden hues, representing the timeless elegance of art. On the other hand, Fibonacci Aureus is a peachy pink-hued variety with an undeniable romantic vibe. Finally, Wedding Rosever is a variety with large blooms, and its petals are colored with classic white and pink hues, making it a perfect choice for weddings and other particularly special occasions.

New Alma Spray Rose Varieties! 2023


At Alma Spray Roses, our biggest goal is to touch people’s souls through our beautiful varieties. We believe that the natural delicacy and unique charm of spray roses make them the perfect symbol for sharing the purest of emotions. 

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