The essence of the soul, beauty in its purest expression

For centuries, the power of flowers has awakened the deepest passions in many. Its undeniable beauty has astonished even the most incredulous soul and become an actual language of love and friendship, a more satisfactory and meaningful way to express the most profound emotions, especially the ones that even words can’t afford to fully share. Spray Roses are quite a delicacy, a miraculous natural touch that has taken the art of sharing the purest emotions to the next level. 

We are proud owners of a charming flower farm home to 89 exquisite varieties. Our exclusive catalog contains a vast and unique spectrum of spray roses that no other grower can offer. We are overjoyed to hold exclusive breeder alliances with some of the major industry leaders around the world. This has led us to become Ecuador’s top spray rose producers with a premier portfolio where our magnificent floral varieties steal the show!

Beauties from our garden

Some of our splendid exclusivities are the vibrant Bravo, the delicate Alma White, the exquisite Sweet Dreams, and the vivid Golden Blossom which at the moment are only available at our farm. As well as our remarkable novelties like the sweet Be Strong, the tender Be Loving,  the delightful Fibonacci Yantra, and the exotic Crazy Rosever, are part of our top collection.

A spray rose is more than just a flower, it carries a deeper value than regular-sized roses, as they are related to innocence, optimism, and a direct connection to the soul of its owner. This means that every time you give a spray rose, you are sharing a part of your soul along with the purest emotions of your heart — a soulful touch for every special occasion. In its early beginnings, this variety was used as part of a floral bouquet, but nowadays the rules have changed and these cuties are the stars of the show, playing a major role in floral decorations. 

To find out more about your favorite spray rose varieties, feel free to visit our online catalog and charm your senses with beauty in its purest expression!


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Our farm is dedicated to the cultivation of premium spray roses. We are proud to say that we are currently market leaders in the spray rose niche. One way we differentiate from the competition is by continuously introducing new spray rose varieties to the market. This new year we are delighted to introduce four new varieties: Be True, Fibonacci Aureus, Fibonacci Gioconda, and Wedding Rosever.


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