How do Spray Roses Differ from Traditional Roses?

The secret behind their particular size!

Everyone knows that roses are one of the most beloved flowers in the world. But when talking about spray roses, we might find some people have not heard about this splendid type of rose. Here at Alma Spray Roses, we work daily to offer the highest-quality spray roses, opening up a whole new world of possibilities perfect for any occasion. But what makes spray roses so unique that differentiates them from traditional roses?

A spray rose is a petite standard rose with multiple heads. It is an attractive variety of roses that has become increasingly popular for its small size and abundant blooms- which are regularly around 5 or 6 per stem! Unlike regular roses that grow a single, large blossom in one stem, spray roses branch into a cluster of small and delicate blooms. This formation is what gives them their particular name.

 So, why are spray roses smaller? The answer lies in their growth pattern. While compared to regular roses, spray roses grow in a much more compact and close-together formation, which results in smaller blooms. On average, a spray rose has about 25 petals, whereas a standard rose can have up to 60. Spray roses are an excellent choice for people who want to create a more subtle and elegant bouquet.


Apart from size, spray roses have a few other advantages over standard rose varieties.

Firstly, they tend to produce far more blooms per stem. This makes them great for DIY floral arrangements as they provide volume while allowing enough room to intersperse other complementary flowers.

Secondly, spray roses also have a longer vase life than traditional roses, meaning they will stay fresh much longer.

 Usually, spray roses are used as an accent flower or they may be bunched together to make a larger arrangement. Either way, we believe spray roses are a great choice to create a subtle yet striking bouquet, and encourage you to use them on your next creation! Here at Alma Spray Roses, we are proud to offer the most extensive and exclusive collection of spray roses for everybody to enjoy!

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